Heriot-Watt Computer Science Research Afternoon

May 2015

We asked all of our attendees to submit a response to the following question:

'What is the main research idea you would like to pursue in the next 2-3 years?'

Answers were to be given in the format of the short title and a more detailed description of the research idea.

We then asked them to sort these ideas into similar groups.
The results of this process are presented on this page.

Research Afternoon Tree Map

Each section represents research ideas which the attendees thought were similar.
Hover over or tap any idea to see more detail about the research idea

Group Titles

Below are the titles for each coloured group, as proposed by the attendees in each group

Red Group:Natural Interaction for Teachable Agents
Blue Group:Iconography
Green Group:Data Intergration & Visualisation and their Applications (D.I.V.A.)
Orange Group:Disruptive Crowdsourcing for New Business Models & Innovation
Purple Group:Computational Behavior of Biochemical Networks
Yellow Group:Human Centered Formal Security and Safety
Pink Group:Machine Learning Applications
Silver Group:Languages & Compilers for Heterogeneous, Massively Parallel Systems

Meeting Documents

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DocumentPDF Version

Computer Science Research Afternoon: Well Sorted Materials
(This document was provided to all attendees, showing the results of the idea submission and grouping steps they carried out before the meeting)

Automatically Generated Page

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