Digital Transformations Event

8th - 9th September 2014

We asked all of our attendees to submit one answer to the following question:

"What are the research priorities within the Digital Transformations space over the next 3-5 years,
that the AHRC could contribute to through the Theme?"

We then asked them to sort these challenges into similar groups.
The results of this process are presented on this page, along with elevator pitches for each coloured group, recorded on the day.

Wendy Matcham, Portfolio Manager Creative Arts and Digital Humanities, AHRC

Digital Transformations Event Tree Map

Each section represents groups of challenges which the attendees thought were similar.
Hover Over or Tap any challenge to see the longer description submitted by the attendees
Click or Tap a colour name to see a video describing the area challenges

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Green Group Elevator Pitch

Meeting Documents

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DocumentPDF Version

Digital Transformations Event: Well Sorted Materials
(This document was provided to all attendees, showing the results of the challenge submission and grouping steps they carried out before the meeting)