ICT Early Career Researcher Workshop, Oxford 2014

February 2014

EPSRC’s Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Theme held this workshop as part of its on-going commitment to support the development of early career researchers.

The two-day workshop provided a forum for early career researchers from across the ICT research landscape to engage with academic mentors, guest speakers and EPSRC staff. Workshop sessions provided advice on funding opportunities and career development, networking activities and discussions on the impact of ICT research, responsible innovation and the development of strategies to benefit UK ICT research.
Prior to the workshop, participants were invited to provide a short title and longer description answering the question:

"Which research topic in ICT is currently of greatest interest to you?"

Participants were then invited to sort the resulting topics into coherent groups. These groups are shown below, with the colours used to refer to them at the meeting. To see the longer descriptions for any coloured area, or the researchers who were interested in the topics within, simply click on it.

Grouped Research Topics

Please click on an area to see more details below.

Well Sorted Red Blue Green Orange Purple Yellow Pink

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Green Group

Group MembersDescription
Low power digital signal processingCircuit and technology innovations for low power hardware giving mobile digital signal processing in wearable sensors for the ageing population. Creating innovative applications and new digital signal processing algorithms.
Audio signal processingAudio signal processing is a cross-disciplinary ICT area that combines digital signal processing, machine learning, as well as speech, music, and acoustic technology. My work is on developing models and systems for audio signal analysis.

Suggested Name:

Signal Processing

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