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Red 1Great British Bake OffI love baking so this programme is good for tips.
2MasterchefIt's a bit like a soap opera with yummy food and it's fun to predict who might win.
3The Great British Bake OffThis is one of my favourite TV shows because it is easy to watch, it is educational and provides lots of useful baking advice. The show encourages and inspires myself, my family and colleagues to bake and try new recipes.
4Grand DesignsI love watching other people's creativity and design ambitions become a reality. It's something I would love to do myself if only I had the money!
5GoogleboxIt's genuinely funny, often surprising and gives an insight into people's lives that feels real, in contrast to so much so-called 'reality tv' that overcrowds tv screens with sub-quality viewing
6ApprenticeWatching self obsessed competitors committing career suicide.
Blue 7BBC BreakfastDaily, on early when I am up, fast moving but always respectful, interesting articles, background news
8Newsnight ReviewMagazine type format of reviews of Cultural events, short interesting if not absurd critics, like film, books, dance, theatre, music and cinema.
9University ChallengeIt's a traditional thing I have watched it for years, I like quizzes, I feel good if I can answer a question,it's quite short and I liked Bamber Gasgoine and like Jeremy Paxman.
Green 10Six Feet UnderIt was something completely different when it came out. Strong characters. Innovative. Well written and engaging.
11Six Feet UnderThis show has it all, great male and female characters that you care about, despite their flaws, great acting, great writing and moments of great humour and of emotion. The ending after 70 or so episodes didn't disappoint.
12West WingBrilliant, witty script. Great characters. Thought-provoking story lines.
13Grey's AnatomyI like the characters and the developing relationships between them. There is a good balance of dramatic medical storylines alongside humorous romantic storylines.
14Breaking BadIt was nail biting and I couldn't wait to watch the next episode!
15Breaking BadIt was hugely compelling and exciting. Interesting characters (though a lack of female ones). It examines the moral justifications people use for their actions. Very dark and violent, but also has some very funny moments.
16Breaking BadEvery episode has me at the edge of my seat with a perfect mix of crime, action, drama, comedy and deception. Plus you want to bad guy to win.
17HomelandIt's fast paced and keeps your attention.
18The WireIt's one of the only programs I can think of that doesn't assume the viewer is a raging moron that needs to be constantly reminded what is going on, or what to think.It was political without needing to sledgehammer the viewer with rhetoric. Watched twice!
19The SopranosIt took many of the tropes of the gangster film and subtly subverted them. It's increadibly well written and had characters with real depth, inclding the female leads, which was/is quite rare for TV in a traditionally macho genre.
20The KillingWell written and well plotted Scandi crime drama with lots of twists and turns and a good woolly jumper!
21The BridgeScandinavian crime noir tv series with highly engaging and slightly odd-=ball characters, brilliant plot lines and settings that have kept me hooked. Best thing on British tv screens for a long time, apart from the Killing - of course!
Orange 22Game of ThronesIt has great characters and dramatic storylines. A whole fantasy world is created and there are some great twists in the plot. I also like the humour.
23Game of ThronesIt's an epic fantasy with amazing characters, an interesting and compelling story, and dragons. Need I say more?
24Star Trek - The original SeriesIt is a polished production, interesting stories, and was something completely different for the time.
Purple 25The WaltonsIdeal family life where despite the dramas, love brings them all through
26Downton AbbeyThis is a great high quality period drama and provides an interpretation of history and society in Britain in the late 19th and early 20th Century. I particularly enjoy and like the dramatic storylines, the believable characters, and exquisite costumes.
27Ripper StreetI love the fact that it doesnt pull any punches and shows the grit rather than a sanitised period drama. The plots can be a bit bonkers but it has some fantastic and often very flawed characters and the language/speech feels authentic.
28EastendersThe best comedy on television unbelievable plots, appalling scripts,shameful exploitation of 'issues' and the whole piece is an anti-masterclass in acting. Priceless
Yellow 29The Big Bang TheoryThe main characters are even geekier than I am, and it's fun to see some of my geeky interests being exposed to a wider audience.
30The Big Bang TheoryA comedy that combines humour, science and university research. An unusual idea for a series but one that really works. Hilarious characters and storylines.
31Modern FamilyI like the humour, it is half an hour of indulgent nonsence and escapism.
32FriendsI've seen every episode way too many times but if it comes on the TV, I can't seem to turn it off! It never fails to make me smile.
33The In-betweenersA biting satire on the folly of youth. Like holding up a mirror to our own insecurities and finding relief in the fact that we are no longer like that. Or are we?
34The IT crowdBrilliant nuggets of escapist entertainment adding some edge to the familiarity of everyday

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