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Well Sorted is a free, simple, and engaging way
to get more out of your meetings

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Well Sorted is a free, simple, and engaging way
to get more out of your meetings

Stop the arguing and posturing during meetings! Well Sorted lets attendees submit ideas beforehand, and then sort them into thematically similar groups. Before the meeting, you already have your attendees interests and an agenda of major topics!

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Create a study online and get access to your own, personal control panel

Let us make a simple web form for you to canvas your attendees interests

Send our simple, iPad friendly sorting interface to your participants

See your results, visualise them and create a automatic PDF booklet to print

1: Setup and Manage your Study Online

Create studies, manage participants, and view results with our clean, modern interface

We will keep you up to date with how your study is going and what to do next

Control Panel Example

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2: Add Items Using our Online Web Form

Create and customise a simple to use web form for participants to submit their ideas

Click below to see how it could look:

Web Form Example

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3: Sort The Items Using our Online Interface

Give participants a link to a simple to use, iPad friendly online sorting interface

Click below to give it a try yourself:

Sort Example

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4: Visualise Your Results

Create visualisation instantly as participants complete your study

When you're done, we'll automatically create a webpage and PDF document for you

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See the hierarchy of your data and quickly get a sense of the relationship between your items

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Easily include tabular data in your reports showing the groups formed from your participant's responses

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Add a splash of colour to presentations with our tree maps. See how your items cluster with this simple diagram

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See how similar each item is to every other item at a glance with these colourful heat maps

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