UK Health Data Analytics Workshop

Research Challenges - 7th January 2016

Before the meeting we asked all attendees to:

"Describe one important data science research challenge posed by healthcare data and application."

Answers were to be given in the format of the short title and a more detailed description of the challenge.

We then asked the same attendees to individually sort these challenges into similar groups.
Well Sorted then used these individual sorts to automatically create an average sort shown as 9 coloured groups.

Research Challenges Tree Map

Each section represents opportunities which the attendees thought were similar.
Hover over or tap any idea to see more detail about the research idea

Group Titles and Elevator Pitches

Below are the titles for each coloured group, as proposed by the attendees in each group
Click a title to see the elevator pitch that group gave to the rest of the attendees

Red Group: Damn!
Blue Group:???
Green Group: Getting the Basics Right
Orange Group: Data Integration
Purple Group: People and Data
Yellow Group: HCI
Pink Group: Rivers of Data
Silver Groups: Group A: From dodginess to rigour
Group B: Standardisation & Scaling
Group C: Improving modelling of real world data
Brown Group: Analysis Pipeline

Meeting Documents

Please click a link below to download / open the document

DocumentPDF Version

UK Health Data Analytics Inaugural Workshop Output Document - Release 001
(This document was generated from the feedback from the breakout sessions held during the meeting meeting, and includes all the output from both days)

UK Health Data Analytics Workshop (Research Challenges): Well Sorted Materials
(This document was provided to all attendees, showing the results of the idea submission and grouping steps they carried out before the meeting)

Research Challenges Networking Visualisation

Networking Display All v12
Make a connection
- Short Name Description Clear Comment on the connection and give names of those who identified it. Submit
From Name 1:
Name 2:

Automatically Generated Page

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